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Above: Scene from Terror of Trigon, Below: The Brave and The Bold #18 starring Raven and Supergirl

Both written by Marv Wolfman…


Wolfman. Wolfman. WOLFMAN? Did you really forget what you had Raven say several years ago or was mandate really, really pushing for Raven to be “ALL ALONE AND NOBODY UNDERSTANDS HER DARKNESS?”

Was she just lying to Joey all the way back then? Or maybe he didn’t understand her as we all thought despite the many times she confided in him. Though I should be use to 00’ Titans completely ignoring their friendship and other aspects of NTT by now (See also: Wolfman’s handling of the Titans, including Joey and Raven, in the Deathtrap storyline…dammit Wolfman, what gives?)

Also, Supergirl. Your face is melting.

This has been another bitter post about the treatment of my favorite characters.

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